Wargamers Battlefield 2018 Tour

I am working on another military history tour of particular interest to wargamers and military history buffs (and this time we have heard some wives and girlfriends are going to be coming along!) Group size will be smaller than most tours, do not delay. If you are interested in hearing about this please click the Survey link below the map.

This map gives an idea of our planning to date. Ideas we are considering adding: a Dunkirk option, hard-to-find bocage in Normandy, and a FOW game in Arnhem. Itinerary may be reversed from what is shown. Instead of starting in Paris & end in Brussels, we may start in Brussels or Amsterdam & end in Paris. Dates under consideration: latter halves of May or July. With the dollar being relatively strong, prices are coming in better than earlier years.

Click here if you would like to hear more and answer a quick 10-question survey to help us plan next year’s tour.

Thanks! – Bill Owen


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