Bill Owen started as a travel agent in 1972 working with tour groups from the beginning. An American Express 1991 Hall of Fame recipient, he has worked at or owned several travel agencies with a tour group emphasis.

Receiving the top award, Bill Owen, 2nd from left, with Roger Ballou and other American Express Travel Services Group execs at Walt Disney World of over one thousand American Express employees and representatives.

In the 1970s Technology was yellow-lined pads for group computations graduating to Apple ][ and DOS spreadsheets. When the spreadsheets became unwieldy and prone to errors, he got into relational databases (like FileMaker Pro) to tie it all together: costs, itinerary, style sheet export for Desktop Publishing. When data is spread across multiple platforms, an error can be multiplied by 50 people. For example, to achieve a price point one might delete a dinner’s cost from the spreadsheet, while forgetting to remove it from the itinerary in Desktop Publishing. Result? Customers are expecting dinner on a given night and you no longer allowed for it. Paying for that could reduce a groups profit by $2,000-4,000.

Always expanding his graphic design skills, he produced and printed around 15,000 twice-a-year Travel Catalogs each 32-64 pages in full color with Adobe’s InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Then when more customers adopted the web, he got into e-brochures and online booking with live inventory and secure credit card bookings.

Moving out of the USA in 2011, he and his wife (that he had met in the Amazon Jungle) have lived in Belize and Uruguay, currently in an olive grove. They are still helping small tour operators to bring fantasy to life.

His goal is to fill the gaps that you might have to help you do more tour groups profitably and free you to do what you do best.