Every journey begins with a single step

Confucius say “Three people come down the road. Certainly I will learn something from one of them.”

This aphorism indicates that one might learn something from more than the rare guru. And importantly, you will “certainly” learn if you are open to it.

I hope that my blog may give you some good ideas or learn how to avoid pitfalls. Having had 45 years to learn how to do (and not do) tour groups I may have some worthwhile suggestions and points to ponder. And if something sounds obvious, then that may help you feel more confident about what you already think.

Even when something is outside your interest, you never know how you might come to use it later. It’s worth being aware of more than your immediate focus. For example, I have come to realize how diverse the travel industry is. For example, for tens of thousands of travel agents their business is sending people somewhere. But have you ever though about another tens of thousands who receive those people? And not necessarily Inbound, Destination Service Management or Receptive Operators—these tend to be packagers and operate the tours or events that hometown agents book. I’m talking now about people who specialize in various styles of sightseeing, activities, and adventures. There’s a narrow focus on travel that deals in volumes of people and repeated events. Very different than the lesser numbers of people and custom planning that most hometown travels perform.

Then pull back the zoom and get eve a wider view. There is an interesting blog that is not travel-related but speaks to what bits of what we do as entrepreneurs. One I want to mention now is the Wizard Of Ads who writes a free Monday Morning Memo email that you can sign up for here (just enter your email address and click the Subscribe button).

The Wizard, Roy Williams, started out as a radio salesman and has since broadened his interest into other media and when each may have its place. Excellence in writing is the common thread in media and he frequently focuses on fine details breaking down elements of persuasive writing and branding (more than a logo). Incidentally, he uses some basic themes like the Three Wise Men (Wise-ards=wizards, see) and sees Don Quixote as a sort of small business person who envisions an “impossible dreams” so he will slip in promotions about courses at his “Wizard Academy is a school for entrepreneurs who have Quixote’s ability to see beauty that no one else can see.”